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What Is Labyrinthine?

Labyrinthine is a horror game that can be played solo or co-operatively online that may just make you never want to enter a maze again. As you navigate the dark corridors, you will be faced with puzzles, scares and Horrifying monsters with unique AI’s designed to hunt you down.

Together with up to 4 players online (or even alone if you’re feeling brave!) you must solve the mystery of the happisburg hedge maze while escaping the clutches of the denizens within.

Development Screenshots:

( Taken during various stages of development )


How many players can play?

The game can be played with up to 4 players. While we highly recommend playing with friends, the entire game can also be completed as a solo experience.

How much does the game cost?

Right now, the game costs $10 however this is likely to increase as development continues and more content is added.

What game engine does it use?

We use the Unity engine as the lead programmer knows the C# programming language which isn’t officially supported on other engines such as Unreal.

What are the system requirements?

You can find the full requirements on steam. As it stands, the lowest hardware we’ve tried that gives you a playable experience has been the HD7970 and an i5-2500k. These are both from circa 2011 so most recent builds should have no issue with the game. Please make sure to check that you have a graphics card if you’re a laptop user as we do not support integrated graphics!

I like the project and I want to get involved, how do I?

The absolute best way to get involved is to join the official discord. We try be as active and open as we can with our community so feel free to let us know what you like and dislike!

Do you have a patreon or kickstarter I can donate to?

We get asked this fairly often! While we appreciate that you want to support us, the absolute best way is to spread the word and also to leave a review of your experience on steam.

We did have a kickstarter that ended just prior to release but unfortunately that has ended and as such, the rewards are no longer available. Sorry!

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